“Mahalo” is a Hawaiian word meaning thanks, gratitude, admiration, praise, esteem, regards, or respects.

Our Mission

Accompanying & supporting as you take your surfing to the next level, creating loving relationships & friendships for a lifetime, fuel our bodies and souls with healthy food choices in dream locations to create memories that will last forever.

Our Vision

To continue offering unique surf travel adventures throughout the world. Sharing our extensive knowledge and experience to create a unique and unforgettable holiday.

Our Core Values

Professionalism, Commitment, Knowledge, Respect, Inspiration and Understanding. We will identify your travel needs and work to provide you with your desired holiday experience. We pride ourselves on our customer service and willingness to please, often going that extra mile to implement and execute a positive result. Further we want to inspire and promote healthy living through the surfing lifestyle. This also includes a respect for nature and dedications in practicing  environmental responsibility.

Concept of Value

Mahalo Surf Experience tariffs reflect the expertise and unique personal accommodation that we bring to you. We fastidiously add value and improvements at every step of your journey. We are not competing with the average surfing holiday. We confidently deliver the world’s top luxury surfing holidays and unique experiences. 
If you value surfing safely, having your time maximized and improving your surfing rapidly, then you’ ll love surfing with your Mahalo Surf Experience guides. we’ve curated a global team of pros with over 30 years of experience preaching safety and catering experiences to many clients around the globe. 
Our expert knowledge team gives the ability to operate in more remote environments, provide our clients with the world’s top luxury surfing holidays and unique experiences. 
Let us inspire your imagination and accompany you every step of the way through our connection to the ocean.

Felippe Dal Piero

Creator & Founder of Mahalo Surf Experience
Mahalo Surf Experience Founder, Felippe has an extensive background in surf coaching and has dedicated the better part of his 15+ year career to systematizing his industry-leading coaching techniques for the benefit of guests.
Felippe founded Mahalo Surf Experience in 2006 and with passion and dedication, he led the company to where it stands today.  
Now Felippe travels non-stop, the year ‘round to numerous locations, in-charge of the management and operations of luxury surf experience programs across the globe; through Brazil, Peru, Panama, Costa Rica, Maldives and multiple Indonesian islands. Operating at the highest levels of service alongside the top rated hospitality providers in the world. This required high levels of discretion and professionalism while we catered to some of the world’s most elite business people, billionaires, sports stars and celebrities. 
Felippe is a Certified Level 2 ISA Coach, a Certified Level 2 Judge by ASP, Royal Lifeguard Society Beach Lifeguard, specialized in Jet Ski Rescue and is Certified in Emergency First Aid Response.
He has spent countless hours in the ocean doing what he loves most; sharing the stoked and design life-changing surfing experiences.

Melanie Bonella Dal Piero

Wellness Lifestyle Coach & Photographer
Melanie has a passion for the ocean and is deeply connected with nature. She is a traveller at heart which took her to many places in the world (Bali, Brazil, Peru, Costa Rica, Europe, Morocco, Malaysia and many more) capturing the essence, culture, landscapes and people through her camera’s lens.
She is passionately caring, and enjoys sharing her active & healthy lifestyle with everyone who is interested in this way of life. As a Mental Coach, Personal Trainer and Raindrop Essential Oils Practitioner, she enhances the Mahalo Surf Experience trips with her extensive knowledge and experience with grounded support on all levels. As part of Mahalo Surf Trip Experience she will accompany you in healthy nutrition, mindfulness & aroma therapies. A Raindrop Massage with essential oils is just what the body needs for surfed out muscles to relax, support your mind to unwind and nourish your soul.

Christian Moutinho

Surf Coach & Advance Life Support
Surfer,coach,father,family man who loves the outside and try maximizing life doing what he loves: Surf,Coaching ,Mountain Biking and traveling.
Surfer, coach, father, family man who loves the outsides trying to maximize life doing what he loves: surfing, coaching, mountain biking and traveling.
Christian coached a series of athletes in the 90s up to now. From development stages to the top world level (WSL). Christian had a great career supporting, mentoring and shaping many athletes to reach high levels of performance. Born and raised in Brazil, Christian now lives on Vancouver Island (Canada) where he enjoys the outside with his family, surfing and working as a Paramedic.
Christian is still involved in the development of athletes and has been across the globe; Brazil, Costa Rica, Panama, multiple Indonesian islands just to mention a few. With Mahalo as a guest and coach to provide first class instruction to world’s most elite business people, athletes and sports stars.
Christian has a bachelor degree in sports science and a master degree in specific biomechanics to improve surfing performance. He also just finished a 3 year degree in advance life support.
It is great to have Christian on our team and his understanding of the sport, training and safety aspects bring a lot to the table as we aim to provide the best opportunity and training to our clients.
1% for the Planet is our self-imposed tax. It’s the percent of our sales that we donate to the preservation and restoration of natural environments.
We donate 1% of our annual total income to 1% For The Planet and aim to support, nurture and respect the communities in which we operate.
Good Stuff
We set up Mahalo Surf Experience with the intention to make a difference and have a positive impact, however small and insignificant it may seem. So alongside our aim of giving our guests a dose of health, inspiration and good times we are committed to giving something back with our commitment to donate 1% For The Planet.