Find balance at all levels

Experience your body & mind through our extensive nutritional knowledge, aroma therapy. We will accompany you in bringing your body, mind and soul to full balance.

By the end of your Mahalo Surf experience you will feel fulfilled and satisfied through refining your surfing, deepening  your connection to the ocean, nourish your body, mind and soul.
Let us celebrate together the beauty of the ocean, one another, the act of gliding along the waves as our bodies tune back into our wellness.
Wellness, not only the absence of disease, it includes vitality and wholeness. Feeling healthy means extracting what isn’t nourishing us and eliminating the things which no longer serve us. This includes our relationships, the food we eat, our jobs and all our experiences in life. The ocean is a miraculous cure on all of these levels. 
Be sure to check availability and request more information for your personally designed session with Melanie when you contact us. 
Good Stuff
We set up Mahalo Surf Experience with the intention to make a difference and have a positive impact, however small and insignificant it may seem. So alongside our aim of giving our guests a dose of health, inspiration and good times we are committed to giving something back with our commitment to donate 1% For The Planet.