Culturally rich and environmentally exuberant: Brazil’s unfathomable Amazon Rainforest blankets the northwestern section of the country, sprawling eastward to the Atlantic Ocean where it transforms into quiet fishing villages, historical cities, and bustling coastal metropolises such as Rio de Janeiro – all just a flight away. 

No better introduction to Brazil than breathing in the unique vibe of Rio de Janeiro – the country’s melting pot. Spend a morning people-watching and sipping on fresh coconut water at Ipanema Beach, then hike up Mount Corcovado to the statue of Christ the Redeemer and panoramic views of the cityscape at sundown. At night, explore the buzzing and bar-infested streets, and you will understand why Rio is known as the “Marvellous City” by locals. 
Heading north to Salvador da Bahia, a new face of the country uncovers. Walk around the city to witness the vestiges of the Portuguese influence in the architecture of historic buildings dating back to the 1500s, all the while imbibing the rhythm, smells and tastes of the African heritage – one of the pillars of Brazilian culture.
When it comes to surfing, Brazil’s 7500km of coastline serves all tastes. And when it comes to surfing in Itacaré, wave quality and variety can be taken for granted. Long, sandy beaches and sheltered bays make up for multifarious geography and bathymetry which welcome a wide range of swells. Get up with the sun and hike through rainforest-covered hills to secluded beaches where you will have waves to yourself surrounded by an idyllic tropical setting. Extend your aquatic experience by taking a SUP or kayak trip or spend your afternoons practising yoga and further bonding with nature through a jungle tour or birdwatching. 
Those who wish to venture away from the coast will find that simply being in the Amazon Rainforest is a journey in itself. Cruising up to the Cristalino River in the state of Mato Grosso, you will be mind-blown by the grandiosity of the jungle as local guides share their knowledge on the complex biodiversity of this region and why it is considered the “lung of the planet”.
Surrounded by 700 hectares of forest reserve at the mouth of the river, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is a paradise for nature-lovers and adventurers. Here you will not only be immersed in nature but also share the hotel’s ecological philosophy through its various environmental education projects and eco-friendly infrastructure. Wake up to the sound of howler monkeys and the reinvigorating smell of fresh air in one of their luxury bungalows. Follow the guides in one of the myriads of trails to learn more about this astonishing ecosystem or jump into one of their canoeing, SUP or boat tours to see the forest from a different perspective. When the sun goes down, get up to one of their observation towers and observe the sky changing colours while listening to the forest fall asleep. 
Where to stay
Aerial view Cristalino Lodge Amazon Brazil
The Cristalino Jungle Lodge

Cristalino is the name of the Amazon river whose dark waters run for 114 miles from its source in the state of Pará to its mouth in Mato Grosso, where the Cristalino Lodge is located.

The Barracuda Beach Hotel_Itacare Brazil_Beach View_Mahalo Surf Experience
Barracuda Beach Hotel

With only 17 suites, Barracuda Beach Hotel is a haven in complete harmony with the untouched nature of Itacaré.

Pool Side at Beach Front at Taxi Itacare Bahia Brazil
Txai Itacaré, Bahia

Here you will have an experience beyond hospitality. The Resort is Iocated on a 100-hectare estate of native Atlantic Rainforest, an ancient oceanfront farm that produced coconut and cocoa in the Environmental Protection Area of Itacaré – Serra Grande.

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