The Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil

An Amazon Sanctuary


Contact with nature helps to create luxury out of the essential. The Cristalino Lodge is a unique place for adventurous travellers, lovers of nature, spiritual-minded people, trekking-lovers and eco-enthusiasts. Their concept is to preserve the forest while educating people about the importance of this specific region in the southern Amazon in terms of biodiversity and the Amazon itself as the lungs of our planet. Offering unforgettable experiences in the middle of this unique place on earth you can soak in the purest that nature has to offer. Trees more than 900 years old, birds in their habitat, cruising along the Cristalino river, be on top and above the world watching sunrises and sunsets from the observation towers.
This all adds to the exclusivity of an ecolodge that is seriously committed to the environment. In addition to practicing responsible tourism, the hotel supports the Cristalino Foundation, an organization that is devoted to environmental education, human development, minimizing human impact on the environment and carrying out research in the region. Everything is geared towards sustainability through tourism, helping you to integrate with nature.


Cristalino is the name of the Amazon river whose dark waters run for 114 miles from its source in the state of Pará to its mouth in Mato Grosso, where the Cristalino Lodge is located.
Out of the original area of 700 hectares, just 2 hectares were used for the construction of the infrastructure that is today the sustainable Cristalino Jungle Lodge hotel. In 1997, the Cristalino Lodge created the first RPPN in northern Mato Grosso, to ensure its preservation in perpetuity. The reserve has grown and now covers an area of 11,399 hectares – much larger than the New York island of Manhattan and six times the area of the other Brazilian ecological paradise, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha – and it serves, along with the neighboring Cristalino State Park, as a wildlife corridor for the incredibly diverse endemic species in the region.


Choose what suits you best and discover the beauty of the Amazon. Every day is an adventure for nature lovers of all ages. No matter if you love exploring nature, spotting various types of birds or if you love butterflies and deepening your knowledge about photography you will be accompanied by experienced guides who are passionate about what they do and are more than happy to pass on their knowledge.
An unique opportunity to gain more understanding about the Amazon Rainforest and its beautiful and fascination ecosystem.
Simply inhale and exhale and just immerse yourself in the forest which provides us with the oxygen we need for our existence.


The Amazon is an extremely complex biome that you can only get to know slowly and gradually.
Every river has its own history, fauna and flora. Once you are in the Amazon, this complexity becomes evident. To begin with, a huge number of tree species intermingle in an intricate system of competition for sunlight. So, observing the wildlife that inhabits the canopy or higher stratum of the forest is a demanding task for people down on the forest floor. Therefore the Cristalino Lodge built two observation towers which allow you to observe all the forest layers. The view from the top is breathtaking specially during sunrise and sunset.
Another great experience are the different trails where you can explore different types of vegetation, observe specific species and see Brazil nut trees which are older than Brazil is! Brazil has been discovered in 1500.
And the Cristalino river invites for canoeing, stand up paddeling as well as boat riding or simply hanging out on the floating deck.


Drop off to sleep to the soothing sound of the river and the sound of nature! Wake up with the sunrise and the howler monkeys calling from the forest! Our guest quarters are located within our 11,399 hectare Amazon reserve. Built of wood, with cool ceramic tile flooring, the bungalows and premier rooms blend into the vegetation and are naturally ventilated, using ceiling air ducts. Screens in the windows allow guests to enjoy not only views of the jungle, but its sounds and smells too. A real experience for all senses.


On the one hand, the Cristalino Foundation performs various activities, including the conservation and monitoring of the forest reserves where the Cristalino Lodge is located; research and knowledge generation and promoting sustainable development in the region. The School of the Amazon, an educational program involving the students of the schools in the region that seeks to create a positive relationship between young people and the forest, also falls within the scope of the foundation’s activities.
On the other hand, the Cristalino Lodge welcomes visitors from all around the world wishing to partake in responsible tourism, as well as contributing to the promotion and strengthening the economic, social and natural endowments of the area. By visiting the Cristalino Lodge, the guests are contributing towards the conservation of biodiversity in this precious Amazon region.
All accommodations have solar water heating and biological waste treatment, emphasizing our concern over responsible tourism.


The principal access point to the Cristalino Lodge is the airport of Alta Floresta, in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso. The Alta Floresta airport has the second longest runway in the mid-west region, at 2,500 meters, enabling it to handle large aircraft. There are daily flights to and from Cuiabá, which take just over an hour in the modern jets of the airline Azul Linhas Aéreas.
Upon your arrival in Alta Floresta you will be picked up by your personal guide who will accompany you to the Cristalino Lodge. The transfer to the Cristalino Lodge takes place the same day and involves only 1 hour drive, followed by a beautiful half hour boat ride through the beautiful Cristalino River.

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