Eco Adventure Itacaré, Brazil

Back to the Roots

Brazil is like a continent within a single country. No destination is like Brazil. From 7500km of coastline with the most beautiful beaches to the Amazon rainforest – the lungs of Mother Earth. 
Mahalo Surf Experience goes back to the roots. The roots of creator and founder Felippe Dal Piero and to the roots of Brazilian cutlure, art, surfing and more. An Eco Adventure in total harmony with nature, set in the pristine and captivating UNESCO designated Brazilian Atlantic Rain- Forest Preserve. Experience the magical healing of the Atlantic Ocean, and let the energy of the Brazilian rainforest renovate your soul. This retreat blends tropical beauty, the wilds of the Atlantic breakers, and hospitality aimed at complete detox of the mind, body, and soul. Relax in style with their unique tree houses and flowering gardens, centered around a lovely yoga pavilion, soothing spring-filled pond and ecological environment. Healthy food and plenty of activity options ensure that your stay will be a rejuvenating one.


Get the unique chance to experience Brazil and its roots with Felippe. Founder and Creator of Mahalo Surf Experience shares with you all his knowledge about his birth country and the roots of brazilian culture in the heart of Bahia. A truely remarable journey where you can have it all. City life in Salvador da Bahia, back to the roots in Itacaré combined with surfing, food, culture and more. A journey where you alos get the chance to connect with yourself and nature on another level.


We will start in Salvador da Bahia to get to know the roots of the Brazilian culture. The same place where the Portuguese arrived about 500 years ago. Two nights we will stay in the heart of this vibrant city to explore and learn more about the history. After that we are off to Itacaré.


Attention this little place might steal your heart. This former fisher town is located in the perfect spot. Surrounded by the Atlantic raining forest touching the Atlantic Ocean along the so called cacao coast south of Salvador da Bahia. Relax to the max and welcome to the state Bahia. The spot to be to reconnect with yourself and enjoy nature at its best. Beautiful beaches, the tropical raining forest, warm water, waterfalls, the roots of Brazilian culture like Capoeira and great food.


A hidden oasis in the hills, close to the village of Itacaré.
Protected by a forest reserve and in the middle of a sculpture park, with 700 m along the river and breathtaking ocean views, beaches, islands and rivers, Art Jungle Eco Lodge is an example of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. Relax body and soul, and enjoy the spectacle of nature, with a setting of the sun privileged, starry nights, listening to the birds and dawn.
The breakfast in the morning is very popular with a variety of fruits and juices from the farm. Organic açai, acerola, cupuaçu, passion fruit and other seasonal fruits. Homemade breads and cakes, delicacies such as Northeastern couscous, tapioca and mungunzá are part of the variety.
Art Jungle has a natural spa with sauna and views over the river named Contas, the sea and forest, offering massages and other therapies. Beyond that the Ecolodge offers an unique way to sleep in tree & stilt-houses nestled in the lush tropical rainforest landscape. The bungalows are well positioned, offering panoramic views of the rainforest, and are surrounded by flowering gardens.


The coastline of Itacaré is special because here you can find flat beaches that stretch out for miles, to very small beaches, that are kind of hidden surrounded by hills and the raining forest. Knowing this it is no surprise that this region offers a big variety of surf spots receiving different swell directions, with different bottom shapes. Many of these spots are empty due to their remote location and limited access.


There will be surfing every morning while we are in Itacaré. Getting up with the sun is a beautiful ritual not just to experience the awakening of nature in the morning but to hike beautiful trails to the hidden beaches without the strong heat of the day.
Itacaré has so much to offer besides surf. The surf was the first great attraction of itacaré and the surfers were the ones that discovered some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, hidden due to their difficult accessibility.
We offer a great range of activities such as: Stand-Up-Paddle & Kayak-Trips, Yoga, Capoeira, birdwatching, Monkey-station, jungle tours, waterfalls, Skate Pool at Tiririca Beach and relaxing at the surf- and fisher village Itacaré.. and much more!!


VILA ROSA – Cacao & Culture
Just a short ride away you can visit Vila Rosa and get to know all about cacao. The beautiful original colonial manor house of a cocoa plantation is the meeting point for the tour you can take and in the end you be able to try some of the delicious chocolate.
When here you shouldn’t miss out on visiting this little fisher village. The land of Jorge Amado, candomble, capoeira and samba shows another surprise: happy people, who will always bounce back when necessary. Streets made of stone and colonial houses preserve historical relics from the Black Gold Era, when the cocoa barons helped the city flourish.


If you want to understand more about the history and culture of Brazil then Capoeira should be on your list. This martial art is a combination of fight, dance and music. It shows the origins of Brazilian culture from the time when the Portuguese began to import slave labor from Africa. Participate in a class or visit a Roda and experience the Axé of Capoeira.
The area around with its beaches is like paradise. Make sure to visit some of the beaches. They are world class, some of them even empty and without any infrastructure. Take a walk through the raining forest to reach for example Prainha or Engenhoca with the feeling of THE BEACH.


Enjoy great traditional Brazilian food, all the fresh fruits you can imagine. Itacaré has so many different options to choose from. You will love it.


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We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.