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FIND YOUR “PURA VIDA” surround by great waves, health activities and delightful food.


Located at the southern tip of Costa Rica Nicoya peninsula, the charming fishing villages Santa Teresa and Malpais have flourished with ex-pat development and offer an air of sophistication alongside the pristine beaches and numerous world class waves and amazing flavours with a unique charme…Pura Vida!
Visitors come for the surfing but end up staying for the town’s chilled-out atmosphere and fusion of cultures that is one of Costa Rica’s trademarks.


We have selected prime locations from eco rustic to luxurious which allow the guests to enjoy their time in peace and serenity. Villas & houses in Santa Teresa and Playa Hermosa. Modern clean designs with big windows so nature becomes part of the living areas and offers magnificent ocean views.
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane’s clean lines and contemporary design frame the area’s most spectacular ocean views. Over the years, Sandy Lane has become a favorite of those seeking the very best beachfront experience in Santa Teresa…one that also offers our guests complete peace and tranquility.
Hermosa Beach Villa
Perfectly located right on the beachfront of Playa Hermosa on the north ned of Playa Santa Teresa. Very private as this large villa sits in a unique green and pristine property with 180 meters beach front.
Four bedrooms, three bathrooms, various living spaces and decks including a large pool and a shala make this place a perfect hide away for family and friends.
Luxury Chill House
With four bedrooms and four and half bathrooms an open living area with a spectacular ocean view this house is set in the surrounded by the forrest within walking distance to the beach, restaurants supermarkets & shops and yet with ocean views. This house is a great set up for family and friends.


Costa Rica is the perfect get away specially for people from the US. They came in the 70´s as expats looking for exotic waves and found endless peeling beach breaks. The beach of Santa Teresa offers perfectly shaped peaks along the whole beachside. You can call it surf heaven with opportunities for all levels of surfing and kind of surfers.


Santa Teresa is like a very colourful flower bouquet when it comes to food. Lots of creativity from expats and locals makes the mix so impressive. The cuisine is rich in organically grown local Costa Rica’s ingredients to satisfy also the more refined and health conscious adventurers.
There is Sushi at Koji´s, great breakfast options at The Bakery or Olam and delicious Tacos just around the corner from The Bakery.


If you love being active while in Costa Rica there is in Santa Teresa much more to explore besides surfing. This town is filled with possibilities to do Yoga almost everywhere, Pilates as an option or horse riding, hiking, zip lining or visiting the preserves around Santa Teresa. If you want to relax and unwind during massages and spa treatments you can visit some of the world class health practitioners in the area or drop by one of the more luxury hotel establishments to benefit from there services.
The simple and easy way to go is exploring the ocean side during a beach walk. It is very popular to gather at the beach and watch the beautiful sunsets while having a drink or listening to some guitar music.


Enjoy practicing daily yoga to the songs of the jungle. Relax from all the fun, indulge in some hammock time while watching the waves from our five-star view. Nourish your body with organic healthy meals made with love from locally sourced ingredients.
This retreat aimed at complete detox of the mind, body, and soul. Relax in style with their unique houses and flowering gardens, soothing spring-filled pond and ecological environment. 


Charter a private yacht to explore Costa Rica’s famous surf laden coastline. Anchor at a variety of breaks and surf around the clock at Witches Rock, Ollies Point, or further south towards Tamarindo. Return to your decadent private residence perched high above the ocean to dine under the stars on your own private deck. Location to offer our full range of unique services including expert guiding and regular boat trips to Witches and Ollies.
January 03rd - January 17th, 2021Customised ExperienceFully Booked
January 20th - February 02nd, 202112 nightsLive with us ExperienceReserved
February 3rd - February 20th, 2021Live with us ExperienceOpen Spots


Costa Rica Experience


We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.