How do I book a customised trip with Mahalo Surf Experience?

We begin all bookings by looking at the client’s profile, goals and experience. 

Then we look at the calendar and determine the best locations that would facilitate the surf experience.

In fact most of our trips are tailor made. Just contact us and we will arrange everything to your needs.

How does the booking process work?

Once you decide to join us send us an email and we will contact you back.  We will arrange all the details of your journey, then we will email you confirming that we are holding a temporary reservation for you, for the next 3 days. To confirm the reservation you will then need to pay a 50% deposit.

The other 50% is payable one month (90 days) before your travel dates and at that time we will also send to you a questionnaire asking you about your preferences regarding to every aspect of your stay with us: e.g. massages, yoga, extra tours/activities and dietary requirements. We will also ask you about your surfing experience and goals and of course your flight details, so that we can arrange your transfers for you too.

Can I book a Mahalo Surf Experience trip without a guide?

We can help plan trips to any destinations that we travel to for years. With over 10 years of surf travel experience, we have tons of insider insight and knowledge to help you maximise your surf experience and avoid any potential issues with travel or logistics.

What additional expenses can I expect when traveling with a guide?

When taking a guide along with you, Mahalo Surf Experience will bill for the following expenses for the days the guide is booked: the coaching day rate established at the time of booking, air-travel, lodging, meals, surfboard and baggage fees per airline policies, airport parking (if required), visas (if required), any additional transport needed during trip. 

We are happy to provide a trip estimates for any of our locations. Clients are welcome to purchase airline tickets on miles.

What are the minimum/maximum travel days that I can book with a Surf Coach or a Guide?

When booking an international trip, the minimum amount of days is five. For destinations that are over twenty hours of travel time, we will add an additional travel day rate to the invoice.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We do not have the facility to accept credit card payments but you can pay via bank transfer, wire transfer, PayPal).  To all the costs you have to add 4.3% on the top of your payment because of transfer fees.

In which currency can I pay?

Our currency is € Euro, our partners and operators run their businesses from different parts of the world and in their currencies. To avoid confusions and negative impacts of currency fluctuations we quote rates are in the currency Euro.

What if I have to cancel my trip?

  • If you cancel 60 – 89 days before your date of arrival, 75% of your payment may be applied to another Mahalo Surf Experience You will forfeit 25% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 15 – 59 days before your date of arrival, 40% of your payment may be applied to another Mahalo Surf Experience. You will forfeit 60% of the price of your retreat.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before your date of a you can cancel any time. But depending on the time you cancel a cancellation fee may apply. Usually 100% for cancellations within 2 months before trip start date. But that depends on the actual terms of the package you book with us. Please check the package description and terms or just contact us.

Do you guarantee the quality and standard of all trips?

At Mahalo Surf Experience, we love to make the trip as comfortable and memorable for you we believe that the experiences we run are truly unique.

We guide you and a small group of people to exceptional travel experiences at the best possible way. 

We can be sure to get the most high-level, experienced surf guides that will overhaul your surfing also a extensive knowledge and experience with grounded support on all levels

Our trips are private journeys tailored to you and your travel companions or built for you completely from scratch, filled with personalised details, with experience of many visits to previous destinations and successful host 

You can expect the same high level of service with us in all our Experiences as you would with a Custom Trip.

Do you ever offer discount prices?

No. Mahalo Surf Experience does not have a low season and operates at 100% occupancy throughout the year. So unfortunately we cannot discount any particular experiences.