An unparalleled surf and adventure destination, Indonesia fuses a territory of 17,000 uncharted islands with paradisical beaches, verdant forests with teeming wildlife, friendly locals and waves that are the epitome of perfection.

As a surf travel destination, Indonesia needs no introduction, leastwise its most precious surf jewels – the coveted Mentawai Islands. Lose yourself in exploration through the more than seventy islands that comprise the Mentawai chain, most of which aplenty with waves. Realise that life-long dream of surfing clean, pealing lines every day in a picturesque setting and thank Neptune for providing the greatest rides of your life. 
Enjoy an array of world-class set-ups that tap into the energy of the southern Indian Ocean to produce some of the best waves on the planet. Dive into crystal-clear waters with nothing but boardshorts/bikini on and paddle to the line-up to experience first-hand this beautiful display of the powers of mother nature. Skim down flawlessly shaped 6ft walls of water feeling the breeze on your face or pull into hollow, stand-up barrels that will boost your serotonin. Though the Mentawai hold their perfection year-round, journey out between March and November to enjoy the peak of swells. Focus on the skills you want to improve with the guidance of seasoned surf coaches and push your limits by safely trying out some of the most challenging waves.  
Treat yourself to a stay in one of the most celebrated surf resorts in the world, resting on a small tropical island in the heart of Northern Mentawai. Lounge between surf sessions in cosy and spacious Mentawai-style huts (uma) built of sustainably sourced hardwoods by local craftsmen. Arise to the sound of the ocean and views of the surrounding islets, then jump on a quick boat ride to your spot of choice and think of nothing else but getting barrelled – the right place for those who want up their game.
Extend your Mentawai trip beyond surfing and join one of the cultural experiences. Visit local villages for a glimpse of their reality, or meet an Indonesian shaman and witness a unique spiritual ceremony filled with dance and music that will put our western way of life into perspective. Can’t stay out of the water? Join a snorkelling or fishing tour. Or merely lay back and relish the tranquillity at the beach with a book in hand. 
Meet the safety and comfort of modern sailing with the charm and atmosphere of ancient, hand-crafted boatbuilding in one of our luxury sailing ships.
Silolona and Si Datu Bua boast state-of-the-art design, a sleek decor, spacious rooms, and a professional crew to cater for your needs on board and out exploring.
Skim to the Raja Ampat – an off-the-beaten-track chain of more than 600 islands dotted by jagged peaks, distinguished as one of the most biodiverse regions on earth. Get a close-up on a rare and prosperous variety of corals and marine life in a scuba-diving tour. Hop aboard a kayak to explore the surrounding landscape and feel the tropical forest alive with orchids and wild birds. Embark on a voyage to the island of Papua and step into the world’s second-largest rainforest to be in awe with the diversity and rarity of fauna and flora.
Have your mind blown by the contrasting landscapes, ranging from lush valleys to paradisical beaches and snow-capped mountains. Drift from the modern-day plane of existence when encountering the ancient Asmat tribes and learning about their culture and rituals. Back on board after a day’s exploration, allow yourself to be spoiled by a carefully compiled menu of Asian fusion cuisine onboard. 
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