Kandui Resort, Mentawai Islands

There’s no place in the surfing world like the Mentawais. There’s no place in the Mentawais like Kandui Resort. Simply the next level of luxury surf travel in one of the most remote regions on the planet with world-class surf on your doorstep.


There’s no place in the surfing world like the Northern Mentawais and there’s no place in the Mentawais like Kandui Resort. With 15 years operation, they already stoked thousands of guests from all corners of the earth.
Kandui Resort is located in the playgrounds area of the Mentawai Islands and is considered to be one of the best surf resorts in the entire world for waves, accommodation, service, and overall experience. Kandui lies on a small, idyllic tropical island and consists of eight “umas” that host up to only 18 people at a time. With dozens of breaks within a 30 minute boat ride if there’s any swell at all you are going to score and if the swell is pumping it will completely blow your mind!


The Mentawai Islands are considered to be every surfer’s ultimate travel destination. There isn’t another place in the world where you have the real possibility of surfing the best waves of your life on any given day. When all the conditions come together – perfect location, perfect swell, perfect tide and perfect crew – you’ve found what every surfer seeks.


Waves vary in size from 2 to 12 foot with the average wave height being about 6 foot. The Mentawai Islands region can also get big swells with reports of up to 15 feet plus recorded. They can range anywhere from fun sized walls to awesome stand-up barrels. With warm water and a variety of perfect waves the Mentawai’s has it all.
There are great waves in this area YEAR-ROUND. However, the most ideal time to surf in the Mentawais is during the dry season, late March to early November, the southern hemisphere’s winter, when the Indian Ocean is an ultra-active, groundswell producing machine. During the entire year Kandui Resort offers the average surfer the opportunity to score the best waves of their lives in the premiere surf resort location in the entire world.


The Mentawai Islands are one of the most consistent surf destinations in the entire world. Its broad exposure towards the vast, southern Indian Ocean provides these majestic islands with remarkable consistency and quality.
The biggest advantage of this region is the water: clear, warm water and varied of perfect waves the Mentawai’s has it all.
We would strongly recommend our Shoulder Season (especially Feb and March) to surfing guests that are looking for fun size barrels around the head high zone. You will love Feb and March, it’s what we call “The Mentawais’ Best Kept Secret” and is perfect for the average surfer looking to catch fun size waves without competitive crowds.  That is the perfect time for coaching as well since the weather is great so there’s a lot of waves to choose from (especially Feb). We always say the Mentawais in early season is like a small step up from the Maldives.


During your stay on Kandui, home will be one of only 8 “umas”, traditional thatched houses built in the traditional Mentawai style by local Mentawaian craftsmen. Each is clean, spacious, comfortable, and offers an unparalleled view to the waves, ocean, and islands that surround the resort.
Hand-woven vaulted ceilings and the natural design features provide a sense of adventure and culture while the interior design features provide a feeling of home. Each traditional “uma” is made of sustainably sourced and fine finished local hardwoods and identified by a unique Mentawai name.
The “uma” entire space is cooled down by a combination of ceiling fans, portable fans, and air conditioning.


The local Mentawaiian experience is a major part of the Kandui Resort experience. At the end of every trip, the local shaman of the Mentawais make the trek down from the jungle to visit the resort. Shamen are the traditional medicine men of the Mentawais and stop by to perform a traditional ceremony showcasing a unique mix of dance, drum beats and chants.
The landscape and activities available in our area are extraordinary and varied. whether you’re surfing, snorkeling, fishing, lounging, visiting local villages, or participating in one of our unique cultural tours – there is something for everyone. Relax, read a book, play in the warm, this area is beautiful – enjoy it!


Your safety and comfort are the highest priority to Kandui Resort.
Kandui Resort has partnered with the Mentawai Fast for direct transfers from Padang to the resort.  The Kandui Resort Mentawai transfer is rented exclusively for our guests and makes the 90 mile transfer in 3 hours flat. The Mentawai Fast Ferry is operated by a 80 foot transfer boat that was specifically created for transport from Padang to the Mentawai, with A/C, TVs, free drinks, bathrooms and the smoothest ride you will find in Indonesia.
The vessel departs from Padang on our transfer days at 730am, arriving to the resort at 10:30am and departs the resort at 01:30pm, arriving back to Padang at 4:30pm.  
All guests are required to be in Padang the dat before the trip starts and to leave after 6:00pm on the last day of their trip.
If you are visiting in our Shoulder-Season, please contact us prior to booking your airfare.


Interested to book or do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us! We will get back at you within 24 hours (probably much faster).



We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.