The Azalea Cruise provides you with a truly bespoke, hedonistic holiday experience.

Attention to detail, creativity, and due diligence are core to the one-of-a-kind yacht expeditions we design, resulting in tailored experiences for those seeking something truly different.


The far flung paradise of the Maldives is a hushed haven for a luxury holiday. Celebrating the palm-fringed lagoons and white sandy strips wrapped around palmetree covered islands and, technicoloured sunsets and a mesmerising underwater world.

Twenty-six atolls housing 1192 picturesque islands scattered in the Indian Ocean comprise the land territory of the Maldives.

Jump off a private yacht, paddle to perfect line-ups pealing non-stop and skim the waves to find out what makes the Maldives such a sought-after surf destination.


“The ultimately luxurious cruising holiday”

A Mahalo Surf Experience surfari aboard the Azalea Explorer is undoubtedly the world’s premier surfing cruise. This a 38m steel hull vessel that offers guests state of the art appointments. It is reviewed as one of the top Maldives yachts for charters in the Maldives.


The area of the southern atoll offers mostly unexplored waves which means you mostly will have the lineup almost to yourself without any crowd. Due to the location the southern atoll picks up more swell than any other atoll from any direction with the greatest quantity and variety of surf spots.


The Azalea offers offers state of the art appointments: nine spacious staterooms and one beautifully appointed Ocean View Master Suite, two ocean view Senior, outdoor bar, lounge, library and wireless internet access. You’ll savor international chefs’ finest cuisines in the air-conditioned restaurant or on the alfresco aft deck. This is a floating five star resort perfectly suited to enjoy a surfing vacation with your partner.


Welcome to our master suite the most spacious room on board. Awake to a new view each morning – with the front half of the room covered in windows frame ever vistas of the azure ocean and sky, paradisiac islands edged in turquoise waters and brilliant white sand.
The suit has air-conditioned, with an ensuite bathroom, minibar and LCD TV.


The two suits lies on the upper deck and feature a wall of window that allow for panoramic views of the Indian ocean. You will have to pinch yourself upon waking up to ensure you aren’t dreaming on a cloud, but are actually on the king bed and looking out over some of the most beautiful water in the world.


The cabins located bellow sea level are designed to accommodate larger groups.The lower deck rooms are fitted with modern fixtures and luxurious amenities, including private bathrooms.


Luxury Yacht Maldives ,For those who seek a holiday different from the regular hotels and resort style packages, a week or two week charter on Azalea Cruise ensures great privacy, ‘things at your own pace’, ‘breakfast-anywhere’ & custom events at isolated locations. Unlike a resort holiday Azalea has no timings on breakfast, if need be, it can be anytime and more interestingly anywhere. Customers have requested breakfast at 1200 on jetski. Birthdays have been celebrated at sunrise on isolated sandbanks.


As you cruise through the calm waters of the Maldives, we aim to delight your taste buds with the finest international cuisines prepared by our dedicated culinary staff on board. Enjoy the exquisite dishes from the west to the east, every meal of the day to add even more to your experience here at home away from home.

Enjoy a bottle of wine full of character with your meal with a wide range sourced from around the globe available in the collection.


We have been exploring the Maldives for many years by now continuing to gather intel of this amazing surfing area. During this time we have stumbled across some lesser-known gems that we keep very close to the vest.

Guided by a team of seasoned surf coaches and guides, move where you want, when you want. Every Mahalo Surf Experience coach / guide has been trained to deliver a high level of sophisticated instruction and personal coaching. Your wave count will increase you time will be maximised.


This is the ultimate VIP trip. Wake up each morning and decide on the day’s conquests. Zoom to a different surf break over a lunch. This is the trip to find and conquer YOUR perfect wave. Take a sea plane to anywhere in the Maldives and come back for Lunch with your guests in the Azalea.

Hop aboard our deluxe private charter.


We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.


One of the top Maldives yachts for charters
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