Surf Trip on Gurahali in the Maldives

Exploring the Maldives by sea is the most effective way to catch a glimpse of the countries hues. Hop aboard our deluxe private charters – Gurahali – and cruise to remote atolls to find perfect waves with no one else around. Our guests return year after year because the liveaboard experience is peaceful, relaxing and in the true aloha spirit.


The Maldives, strewn across the Indian Ocean like a handful of shimmering pearls, are composed by various gorgeous Islands; 26 attols that house 1192 coral islands, 200 of which are habited.
They are some of  the most photogenic in the world, their perfect sandy beaches and fantastic tropical climate have made these Maldivian island some of our guests’s favourites surf boat trip choices.
This rare ocean setup creates a truly pristine playground for aquatic and beach-going activities.
Explore pristine waters where you will see marine sea life thriving in its natural habitat, this is some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

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Aboard the Gurahali Maldivian Surf Boat, a 90-feet yacht built in the Maldives, elegance with a touch of minimalism is off the essence.
Find the comfort for a peaceful night of sleep in one of the ensuite cabins furnished with double beds and all essential amenities.
Wake up to the swoosh of the water and walk out to your private balcony for coffee and breakfast. At sundown, grab a drink at the bar and head to the deck for panoramic views of the turquoise ocean reflecting the sky’s pink-purple tones.



There are six ensuite cabins with double size bunk beds plus one ensuite cabin with double bed and single bed. Even though it is spacious and accommodates up to 12 people we want to keep a relaxed and family-like atmosphere with maximum 9 people on board.
The yacht also has a spacious bar and dining areas; sun deck and shaded open-air deck spaces.
This well furnished semi-luxurious safari floats on the Maldivian waters to accommodate and cater the desired to experience the unique environment, maritime and geography of the Maldives.
Sip on a morning coffee on your private ocean balcony and savor on the finest tropical delicacies fresh from the sea on the breezy dining area. Let your soul adrift on the vast ocean.


All the waves in the Maldives break on coral reefs. There are several high quality breaks and cruising is the ultimate way to conquer those empty surf breaks.  
This surf experience gives surfers a true outer atoll experience with access to 3 different atolls and more than 20 distinct surf breaks. 
These waves in the Maldives are usually small from chest high the typical Maldivian wave rolls up like most point breaks with workable corners, fun pocket, barrels and long rides. But on good occasions the waves go well overhead and the swells will hit with some power.
The variety of waves is huge – abundant and perfect as you dream about it!



The Mahalo Surf Experience Coach and local onsite boat guides are super knowledgeable and always willing to take you to the right spot on the right day.
You will experience a complete, structured and personalized surf coaching program to help you learn to surf and progress for years to come. Before you join the trip, our team will gather information about your level of experience and objectives for the trip. From the moment you arrive to your destination, our surf coaches will be there to welcome you and work on your personal goals.
By keeping our groups small with a max of 6 surfers we provide a personalised and in-depth coaching experience. This guarantees you privacy in your own private cabin, in general more space on board and it even creates a more harmonious environment for everyone.


Mahalo Surf Experience is specialised in providing exciting range of selected opportunities to try something new, authentic and stimulating in between surfing – creating a unique and unforgettable holiday.
Alternate activities are co-ordinated by our team on board and can include snorkeling, island sightseeing, cultural presentations, beach barbecue parties, whale shark or manta ray spotting, yoga or meditation, cocktails at a resort, stand up paddling and more.
Jul 31th - Aug 10th 202310 NightsCentral Atoll2 spots avalible


Maldives Experience


We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.