Little to no crowds, fun and consistent waves, and natural settings so idyllic they may as well have come out of a painting – the Maldives is the ultimate travel destination for surfers, nature lovers, and tranquillity-seekers alike.

Twenty-six atolls housing 1192 picturesque islands scattered in the Indian Ocean comprise the land territory of the Maldives. Step out of your resort room and lay on serene, white-sand beaches to soothe your senses under the tropical sun. Dive into translucent waters to witness thriving marine life like nowhere else in the world. Jump off a private yacht, paddle to perfect line-ups pealing non-stop and skim the waves to find out what makes the Maldives such a sought-after surf destination. 
Surfing is the kindling to most trips to the Maldives, with swell and wind peak season falling between April and October. Whether you are staying at one of our luxurious waterfront resorts or aboard a state-of-the-art private yacht, enjoying a variety of waves is a matter of course. Paddle out on your boardshorts/bikini under clear blue skies and ride long, chest-to-high walls that roll in point-break fashion, enveloping beautiful palm-laden beaches. Beginner or pro, make the most of the waves pockets and sections to pull into clean and smooth barrels or practice your favourite turns. While sitting on your board waiting for the next set, relish in the sight of colourful coral reefs glimmering beneath your board.
Exploring the Maldives by sea is the most effective way to catch a glimpse of the countries hues. Hop aboard our deluxe private charters and cruise to remote atolls to find perfect waves with no one else around. Wake up to the swoosh of the water and walk out to your private balcony for a coffee, or ease into the day by watching the sunrise over the ocean from the cosiness of your bed. At sundown, let the trained staff pamper you with cocktails whilst you loosen up in the jacuzzi and scan the sea and the islands to yonder.  
Guided by a team of seasoned surf coaches and guides, move where you want, when you want – all the while being catered by our crew. Our professional chefs take care to refuel your energy with fresh, healthy ingredients and have your palate delighted by a variety of dishes crafted to your taste and diet. Celebrate the end of the end with our selection of fine wines to match your meal and preference. 
Those who rather stay in a resort are in for a treat. From family-friendly beachfront villas to romantic overwater suites built in a traditional Maldivian-style – here, everything breathes nature, comfort, and tranquillity. Escape to a palm-laden island ringed by sandy beaches and a translucent lagoon thriving with marine life. Step out of your room and get in touch with yourself and the exquisite natural environment around you by ambling through verdant forests and taking a plunge into the azure Indian Ocean. Then lay back on the beach lounger or swing on a hammock and let your worries drift with the breeze.
Take a short boat ride or short paddle and revel in the empty line-ups, riding perfect, crystal-clear waves in the country’s best surfing locations – the epitome of a Maldivian surf trip. Five-star restaurants offer international dishes prepared with locally-sourced, fresh ingredients to give you the boost you need for another paddle out. And why not treat yourself with a spa treatment between surf sessions? Before the day is done, relax your muscles in one of the outdoor bathtubs and, to wrap it up, grab a drink and head to over of the panoramic depths to witness the show of colours at sundown.
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