Chicama, Peru

Surf the world’s longest wave

Such length and perfection open up a unique perspective to wave-riding: it promotes a deeper connection with the mechanics of the wave, incites a singular sensation from speeding down the line, and make your legs tingle in the longest rides of your life.


In northern Peru, near a small charming fishermen village called Chicama awaits the longest rideable left hand wave in the world.
This is one of our favourite destinations in South America to provide great Mahalo Surf Experience.
Peru has a pretty magical background.
Located in the epicentre of ancient cultures compared to Egypt and the Maya’s in the north of south America; connected 100% to their environment they built up one of the most amazing empires.


Welcome to the perfect located and beautifully integrated boutique hotel in the area to provide you with the most comfortable experience while you spend your days enjoying surf, massages, relaxation and Peruvian cuisine.
You can relax at the hotel during the off-hours in the Jacuzzi or the infinite pool on the hotel´s terrace, where you can watch the waves after surfing and relax those surfed out muscles.


Chicama is famously the longest left hand point break in the world. The top of the point all the way to the beach in front of the resort is 4km. It’s rare for someone to ride the entire length of the wave but even riding a quarter of it will still likely be the longest wave of your life.
Any wave you catch in Chicama can provide leg-burning. It is always fun even on an average session the wave might offer you the longest wave you have ever been ridden with playful fast sections good to practice both floaters and nose riding. The wave also has slower sections where you can practice cutbacks and roundhouse cutbacks.
Suitable for all surf levels, from beginners and through to advanced and experienced surfers who want to ride long waves, and to be able to do various manoeuvres in one wave. There are three sections where you can get barreled but what really makes this wave unique is its length.


Hire a Mahalo Surf guide to privately escort you to the best waves in the world. Allow our surf guides to manifest your dream surf mission! Ride the world’s longest wave and maximise your time in the water from sunrise to sunset. Leave the surf trip feeling like a local with the knowledge and experience.
You will experience a complete, structured and personalized surf coaching program to help you learn to surf and progress for years to come. Before you join the trip, our team will gather information about your level of experience and objectives for the trip. From the moment you arrive to your destination, our surf coaches will be there to welcome you and work on your personal goals.


Peru’s heritage has rendered it a mind-blowing and mystical aura. Explore the surroundings of Chicama by taking a tour to the adobe pyramids of La Huaca del Sol y La Luna, the royal tomb of Sipan, the archaeological complex of El Brujo. As the cherry on top, visit Chan Chan – the country’s pre-Colombian “surf city” dating back to 1300 AD, where local fishermen rode the famous caballitos de totora, referred by some as the first surfboards.
To have a once-in-a-lifetime perspective of Peru’s history embark on a private flight over the Nazca Lines, with tailor-made itineraries covering some of the most intriguing geoglyphs such as the hummingbird, the astronaut, and the dog – a jaw-dropping experience which depicts the grandeur of this ancient culture. 


Chicama Experience


We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.