A mix of ancient history, awe-inspiring landscapes, mouth-watering gastronomy, and the longest left-hand wave in the world – Peru ticks all the boxes for an unparalleled surf trip. 

Spanning across a section of the verdant Amazon rainforest and rising to the imposing Andes mountains before reaching the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean, Peru boasts one of the most fertile and diverse landscapes in South America. 
Hike up the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu or walk into one of the museums in Lima to learn more about the country’s rich pre-Columbian history and the vestiges of a civilization highly connected to their environment. Head north to the quaint fishing village of Chicama to explore an array of archaeological sites and, with the untamed coastal desert in the background, surf the world’s longest left-hand wave – traits that make this a legendary surf destination. 
Whether you are getting started in surfing, want to practice a particular manoeuvre or simply crave to get barrelled, the 4-kilometre long walls of Chicama are bound to exalt your surfing experience. Peaking at the point and rolling into the bay all the way to the beach, these straight lines stretch as far as the eyes can see. Such length and perfection open up a unique perspective to wave-riding: it promotes a deeper connection with the mechanics of the wave, incites a singular sensation from speeding down the line, and make your legs tingle in the longest rides of your life.
Rise with the sun and paddle out for a dawn patrol, zigzagging your way across the wall and ducking under the lip in sessions that will take your breath away, literally. Improve your skills with the assistance of a team of knowledgeable surf coaches, guides and photographers who will make this remarkable wave even more memorable. Back on land, stretch your body and refocus your mind in daily yoga and meditation classes, as well as sessions of aromatherapy and mentoring in nutrition and well-being. Once the tide is right, head out for an encore. 
A stone’s throw from the idyllic point-break of Chicama lies the Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa. Dive in the infinity pool by the terrace, lay back and relax in the jacuzzi, or indulge yourself with a spa treatment between surf sessions. Before calling it a day, degust their fresh, signature Peruvian ceviche and sip on unique South American wine while watching the waves roll by and the sun sink in the horizon. 
Peru’s heritage has rendered it a mind-blowing and mystical aura. Explore the surroundings of Chicama by taking a tour to the adobe pyramids of La Huaca del Sol y La Luna, the royal tomb of Sipan, the archaeological complex of El Brujo. As the cherry on top, visit Chan Chan – the country’s pre-Colombian “surf city” dating back to 1300 AD, where local fishermen rode the famous caballitos de totora, referred by some as the first surfboards. To have a once-in-a-lifetime perspective of Peru’s history embark on a private flight over the Nazca Lines, with tailor-made itineraries covering some of the most intriguing geoglyphs such as the hummingbird, the astronaut, and the dog – a jaw-dropping experience which depicts the grandeur of this ancient culture. 
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