Once a powerful maritime empire, Portugal’s history and culture are inherently entwined with the sea – from the rich fishing tradition which characterises seaside villages and embellishes national dishes to a coastline exposed to the Atlantic Ocean swells that produce some of the best waves in Europe.

Learn about Portugal’s eventful history by ambling through Lisbon’s Alfama quarter. Familiarise yourself with the nation’s art scene in one of the capital’s several museums. Take in the city’s iconic landmarks – such as the Belem Tower and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jerònimos Monastery – and inhale the grandiosity reminiscent of its past. 
Embark on a journey to the Silver Coast of Portugal and discover why Mahalo has chosen this particular location as its headquarters. Roughly 80km north of Lisbon, Peniche (aka “The Wave Capital”) has drawn on its fertile heritage and idyllic landscape to grow from a quaint fishing village to a hub of tourism and surfing in the country. Visit our home ground and revel in its sea culture, top-notch infrastructure, beach vibes and thriving surf scene. Explore one of Europe’s best surf destinations and experience first-hand the abundance of waves responsible for luring surfers from all over the world.
The region around Peniche boasts an array of world-class, consistent surf spots that cater to all levels of surfers year-round. From beach-breaks to reefs and point-breaks – gain confidence in your take-off, improve your cutback, or indulge in mind-blowing A-frame barrels. Know where to go, when to go, and what to expect with our guided sessions led by seasoned local surf coaches.
Take advantage of the privileged location of your accommodation and walk to the beach for a dawn patrol. Recharge your batteries with a healthy breakfast, go for an encore, then retune with your senses and stretch your muscles in a yoga class. Feel at home between paddle-outs, reading a book by the fireplace, unwinding in the terrace jacuzzi, or basking in the sun at the poolside. 
Bring your trip beyond surfing and immerse yourself in Peniche’s vibrant fishing culture. Visit the fish market at the harbour to catch a glimpse of the town’s merchant past. Stroll to the village and pop into one of the local restaurants to try some typical fresh seafood whilst watching the sun sink in the horizon accompanied by the finest Portuguese wine.
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