Azores – São Jorge Island


Unplug, unwind and get lost in the nature of the Azores.


Welcome to Fajã do Belo. And of course it’s lovely, its name says it all. Fajã means a beautiful flat surface near the sea, created from collapsing cliffs or lava flows. This is nature in perfection. With gentle people, awe-inspiring landscape, secret lakes and waterfalls, it is one of the most remote surf spots in the Atlantic and the only place where you can taste the typical delicious clams and truly connect with nature. These are some of the well kept mysteries that São Jorge island has to offer its visitors. Fajã do Belo is an invitation to a soul-restoring experience in an untouched and unique natural setting.


The Kuanza Nature Experience is situated in the unique location of Fajã do Belo. Consisting of nine self-catering houses, each one with a magnificent sea view. It is a nature lover`s paradise and a surfer`s dream. Relax, unwind and soak up all that Mother Nature has to offer in the company of family and friends.
A truly life changing experience!

Discover the waves and surf empty breaks

This island is a mystery in the middle of the Atlantic. It’s like Indonesia was 30 years ago. There’s a long point break, perfect waves, and the water is 16 degrees Celsius in the winter and spring 22°C so you can surf in shorts. Often you’re the only one in the water, and you can see the cliffs and the mountains, the church and the lagoon.

EXPERIENCES / Outdoors and adventure

There’s nothing better than being so close to nature. Close to silence. Experiencing the sound of tranquility and adventure. Trails, tracks, hikes, surf, swim, sing, dance, sleep, eat, read… or simply a human being standing still enjoying pure existence.


We take you there.
Look at a map of the world, and it might take you a while to pinpoint the Azores. Zoom into the Atlantic Ocean roughly 1,600km west of mainland Portugal, and there they are – a diagonal stroke of volcanic islands
Mahalo Surf Experience can help you plan your very own authentic escape to the enchanting Azores Islands in Portugal.


Nov 16th - 22nd 2023Surf Retreatavailable for booking


We share our experience, local knowledge and a few waves with you.