The Atlantic climate and fertile soil create a green Spain. With lush meadows and forests the coastline is known for its miles of sandy beaches and secluded coves.

Galicia is a powerful landscape in northwestern Spain – the last unspoilt part of Europe – located at the far end of the Pyrenees Peninsula. The combination of the dramatic landscape, 600 meters high cliffs that meet the Atlantic’s most pristine and best waves, charming little villages, a kitchen rich in seafood and long deserted beaches.

The Golmar lodge, recently ranked by the Sunday Times as one of Europe’s most beautiful summer villas. The lodge is located in a small village 200 meters above sea level with an amazingly beautiful view of green fields, Europe’s highest sea cliffs and azure sea. Rustic and powerful feeling combined with thoughtful comfort. Here you find lots of fun and humble midsummers.


Ahoi there cross-steppers, nose riders and log lovers!

Be our guest for one week and learn some new skills & ignite or reignite your passion for longboarding.

You might want to sign up because you already ride a longboard and want to work on some longboard specific techniques such as cross-stepping or nose-riding.  Maybe you have been riding a minimal or shortboard and want to transition to a longboard and see how you like it.  Perhaps you have always wanted to explore your inner longboarder but need some guidance.  Whatever your motivation come and feel the longboard love in a fun and supportive environment with our longboard coach.

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