Surf Better

The roundhouse cutback is considered one of the most important critical maneuvers in the sport of surfing.  For me the Cutback will define how good you ride will be! 

Ones well execute can be one of my favourite turns.  Do you want to get it right?

Pulling a roundhouse cutback isn’t hard, but doing it with charm and power requires training. As a high-performance trick, it’s also used to get back on the wave face at full-throttle. Although it’s always better to train for a roundhouse cutback in a point break, with a perfect peeling wall, you may also go for it in wally beach breaks.

1.Timing is Everything

Don´t make your turn too early when the wave is too vertical, but don´t glide too far out of the wave face where the wave is too flat. Keep your eyes focused on the part of the wave you want to hit. It is the best to hit the section where the lip is just beginning to break at the edge of the white water.

2. Go Toe to Heel

Start bending your knees when you come up to the middle of the face of the wave and shift your weight from your toe side rail to your heel side rail to initiate the cut back. As you lift of your bottom turn, keep your board flat on the wave face to retain full speed, then unweight your front foot and lean slightly back.

3. Think Rail-to-Rail

As your feet and your weight shift from toe to heel, the outside rail rolls over and begins to engage the wave. The more speed you gain, the easier is the transition from the inside rail to the outside rail. Make sure to watch your board nose as you reverse direction, as your board turns back towards the breaking wave keep the fluid moment going.

4. Finish it Strong

Your Board should finish with the nose pointing straight back towards the breaking wave. Ready for another drop with maximum speed. Just as your initial take-off, look down the line when you have finished the turn. The advantage is that you have your feet on the board. Speed up and ready to position yourself to go straight into your next bottom turn.

5. Next Move Options

At this point there are several approaches to the next move, and they will depend on the shape, the size and the power of the wave. To keep your speed during the final part of the Cut Back, straighten out your back leg, and center your weight over your front leg. This will keep you low to your board for balance, as well as adding power and style to the move.