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Baleal – A great place for Longboarders


New for 2019 we have introduced a 2 day longboarding course – the longboard clinics – to our calendar.

Head Coach Felippe Dal Piero will be handling these longboard sessions, “Baleal has some excellent longboard waves and is home to a new strong community of longboarders to learn from and be inspired by”.

These longboard love-in’s will focus on technique and style, giving you all the tools you need to start moving on your board, cross-stepping and nose-riding. We will also be working on how to handle the bigger boards in the water, understanding the critical sections of the wave for different techniques and helping you to develop your own style!

Triming or nooseriding a longboard and making the most out of the small waves are as good reasons to ride a longboard now as they were in the 1960.

It has been around for many years and is the go-to for a ton of surfers both young and grey. 

And why wouldn’t it still be popular: gliding fluidly down chilled one-footers and effortlessly getting onto almost any wave on their sturdy planks is a romantic image all of us surfers love!

If you looking for longboard-friendly waves in Europe, Baleal is the place! 

Longboard Clinics available during April / May – 2019

Aloha and MAHALO!

Words by Felippe Dal Piero
Photography by
Melanie Bonella