Personal coaching under a world-leading pedagogy is part of our service and a primary reason why our guests return to surf with us so frequently.

Learn How to Surf Better

You will be able to learn, improve and progress your surfing rapidly on any of our unique surf journeys with personalized coaching cater to all abilities.


Being a beginner is the best phase of learning, endless surprises and progression lie ahead.
Trust in Mahalo to choose your destinations and enjoy the process of learning and refining your skillset at easy, safe, and fun breaks in an idyllic setting.


The intermediate phase is important, it’s the foundation of advanced surfing. It begins as the surfer becomes aware of what should be done to utilize a wave’s energy in coordination with the body and equipment.
The guidance of an expert coach will accelerate the surfer’s ability to identify weaknesses in order to achieve personal goals through tailored exercise programs.


Even the world’s best surfers have an Achilles heel. Through professional video analysis we can identify yours and construct a training regime that will strengthen it.
Whether its barrel riding, aerials, or gaining confidence in bigger waves we can support you to break through the plateau in your performance.


You will experience a complete, structured and personalized surf coaching program to help you learn to surf and progress for years to come. Before you join the trip, our team will gather information about your level of experience and objectives for the trip. From the moment you arrive to your destination, our surf coaches will be there to welcome you and work on your personal goals.


Mahalo Surf Experience is best known for provide life-changing surf experiences tailored just for you. We specialised in providing exciting range of selected opportunities to try something new, authentic and stimulating in between surfing – creating a unique and unforgettable holiday.
Surfing has a special place in our hearts and means a lot more than just catching waves. It can be easily related to everyday life and because of that we want you to have the best opportunity in connecting to each other through this magical sport and bring the benefits of sharing waves, living unique moments in the water to also help you live and reflect a positive lifestyle wherever you are.
Allow us to share the stoke and chasing waves with you!


We travel the world looking for the best prime surf season for you. All our locations will offer you world class waves during the perfect peak surf season.


Mahalo Surf Experience holidays are thoughtfully selected with a range of authentic sometimes life-changing experiences, so that everybody even non surfers will have an astonishing time.


If you value surfing safely, having your time maximized and improving your surfing rapidly, then you’ ll love surfing with your Mahalo Surf Experience guides. we’ve curated a global team of pros with over 30 years of experience preaching safety and catering experiences to many clients around the globe.
An integral part of your safety is our ability to match a surf break’s degree of difficulty with individual abilities and comfort zones.
Our guides are qualified lifesavers well trained in emergency procedures. Our risk management processes and safety procedures are continually evaluated in consultation with industry leading authorities such as The Royal Life Saving Society UK ( RLSS UK).
Now more than ever it’s crucial to ensure safe and worry-free travel for anyone travelling with us.




All our locations will offer you world class waves during the perfect peak surf season. In some of the most consistent surfing locations on earth.
We’ve spent years finding perfect waves, developing a seamless travel experience and working with the world’s best surf operators to ensure you have your best surf experience. 
Our team has a endless summer to offer you and it comes with prime surfing and empty line ups.
Here are a handful of our personal favourites. We hope you’ll be inspired to ‘explore, dream & discover’ your own unique set of memories.
Costa Rica

It doesn’t end here