Mastering surfing takes a lifetime, and along our unique surf journeys, we have breakthrough moments of progression that take our awareness, ability, and perspective to new levels.
Mahalo Surf Experience seeks to initiate and encourage these moments for every participant by focusing not just on the act of riding waves, but also increasing our perception and understanding of the ocean.
Surfing is beyond catching waves. personal progression will last a lifetime, however, there is always more room to grow and gain more knowledge. The constant search in progressing is due to the fact that no wave is the same, no place is the same and that’s the main reason why we keep looking for the next perfect moment.


Mahalo Surf Experience (MSE) offers high level surf coaching. Tailored to individuals and small groups in various locations around the world.
Whether starting out learning to surf or competing at a professional level, MSE will facilitate measurable improvements in performance. MSE will guide and provide tools to reach your peak performance in the water.
 With many years of experience coaching and guiding surfers of all levels, Mahalo Surf Experience is specialised in bringing techniques that will help you progress in the right track, with the right mind set.


Being a beginner is the best phase of learning, endless surprises and progression lie ahead. Mahalo has the keys to unlock skills you didn’t know you could gain.
Trust in Mahalo to choose your destinations and equipment – begin your journey!


The intermediate phase is important, it’s the foundation of advanced surfing. It begins as the surfer becomes aware of what should be done to utilize a wave’s energy in coordination with the body and equipment.
The guidance of an expert coach will accelerate the surfer’s ability to identify weaknesses in order to achieve personal goals through tailored exercise programs.


Even the world’s best surfers have an Achilles heel. Through professional video analysis we can identify yours and construct a training regime that will strengthen it.
Whether its barrel riding, aerials, or gaining confidence in bigger waves we can support you to break through the plateau in your performance.


Video analysis is one of many important aspects of progressing your surfing technique. At MSE we capture all our surf coaching lessons on film, allowing us to provide you with a high-quality, wave-by-wave review. You’ll be given the specific tips and knowledge you need to progress your surfing to a higher performance level.
Whether you come with your friends, your family or on a solo mission, it will be our mission to discover your inner potential, to help you push yourself to a higher level, and to further your confidence in the water, having mother nature on your side, rather than against you.


Our team of professional coaches have unparalleled knowledge and the highest qualifications available to work in all environments anywhere in the world.
If you value surfing safely, having your time maximized and improving your surfing rapidly, then you’ ll love surfing with your MSE team.
Surfing has a special place in our hearts and means a lot more than just catching waves. Surfing can be easily related to everyday life and because of that we want you to have the best opportunity in connecting to each other through this magical sport and bring the benefits of sharing waves, living unique moments in the water to also help you live and reflect a positive lifestyle wherever you are.


Mahalo Surf Experience travels with the surf seasons, looking for the perfect swell lines in “the Search”. We travel the world looking for the best prime surf season for you. All our locations will offer you world class waves during the perfect peak surf season.
Choosing the right surfing season and destination makes the difference between an unforgettable surf holiday and possibly the worst time away.
Our team has a endless summer to offer you and it comes with prime surfing and empty line ups.


Mahalo Surf Experience holidays are thoughtfully selected with a range of authentic sometimes life-changing experiences, so that everybody even non surfers will have an astonishing time.
All the locations we recommend have been fastidiously sought out, and hand picked by us with the goal to offer the best surf travel experience possible.
Here are a handful of our personal favourites. We hope you’ll be inspired to ‘explore, dream & discover’ your own unique set of memories.