Bocas del Toro, Sweet Bocas, Panama

Beyond the Luxury Experience

In the Caribbean Sea on Panama’s north coast lies a well-kept secret – a private island for you to live your most authentic and unforgettable experiences.With a property located on a private island, having a villa that includes all amenities and comforts within easy reach so you don’t miss anything you need. All of Sweet Bocas’ experience offerings aim to give you greater and more meaningful attention: to serve people, initiatives, and organizations that are making the world a better place and looking for a new one. lifestyle for their lives, for business and their families.


A handcrafted villa that impresses by floating in the ocean forming its own private island in the crystal clear Caribbean waters of Panama. There are 20,000 square meters of pure luxury with three floors and seven bedrooms, built entirely of wood and connected to an island. It is a self-sustaining natural ecosystem known as permaculture, where sustainability is not just a buzzword. Commitment to the guest is accompanied only by respect for the natural environment that surrounds every aspect of your stay, from crystal clear water to handcrafted log house, hand-picked farm products to pure rainwater that fills your glass.


Located in Panama’s Bocas del Toro archipelago region, the private island offers maximum privacy and can only be accessed by boat.



Experience the sweet balance of conscious travel and absolute luxury; choose what suits you best and discover the beauty of the Bocas del Toro area or enjoy all the amenities of the island. Surfers and travellers are the ones who come to Bocas del Toro looking for treasures in the form of waves and unforgettable moments as they discover the an archipelago that has even more to offer than the best swells in the Caribbean. 
Learn. Move. Contemplate. Whether you’re seeking adventure or looking to disconnect, our team is here to tend your every need.


There are 9 rooms, 7 of which are located in the villa. The other two bedrooms are on the main island. All rooms have a king size bed with 100% handcrafted sheets, silk blankets and pillows. The environments have private bathrooms, air conditioning and outdoor rest areas.


Apart from surfing, there are many things to do. You can relax and unwind around the island’s natural area or you can enjoy various physical activities offered directly on the island. Such as yoga, rowing, snorkeling, tennis or gym. All of these activities are available to Sweet Bocas guests.
Some of the best beaches in the area are very close by and the turtles can be seen in the sea turtle protection project at Bluff Beach and Long Beach.
For a more cultural experience, you can visit the indigenous villages of Ngöbe – Buglé and enjoy a stroll through the native village of Sweet Bocas.
A range of activities and excursions are available for guests to enjoy: kids adventure trips, kids art lessons, canoeing, catamaran boating, dolphin watching, fishing, forest walks, gym, Jet Ski, jungle tours , kayaking, kickboxing classes, native village tour, Paddle Board, permaculture tours, Snorkeling and Diving, Spa, Surf and Kitesurf, tennis lessons, children’s treasure hunt, Yoga and Meditation classes.


Guests and visitors alike can enjoy exclusive access to a 15-acre private island that boasts the region’s second largest freshwater lake, outdoor social areas, gardens, art facilities and secluded reception facilities.
Glamping suites, furnished in the same style as the Villa, are available for more accommodation. The property also has a 30 foot yacht available for expeditions around the Bocas del Toro archipelago, including local villages and other unforgettable locations.
This expansive property is developed with permaculture designed to regenerate and exist harmoniously with the surrounding ecosystem. We are able to provide a real farm to present the experience, as well as educational and training activities for anyone interested. The property is designed not only to provide exceptional guest experiences but also to give back to the environment.


Legend has it that Bocas del Toro was named because the waves crashing into volcanic rocks produces a distinct sound similar to the roar of a bull. Not surprisingly, nine of these oceanfront islands in Bocas del Toro boast some of the best waves in the Caribbean and the world.
The main surfing season runs from late November to March, with the secondary season in June, July and August. The waves are varied to meet all needs; The highest quality sandy beaches for reefs and secrets spread throughout the curves of this archipelago.
Guests who surf can access the region’s numerous waves by private boat. This area is rich in islands and inlets that create waves, as well as countless beaches with great sand bars. There is a good range of waves for new surfers who are just gaining skills. For the seasoned surfer looking for a solid barrel, the Bocas region offers several world class waves. We love this area for its diversity in reefs and beach breaks. Because of the many islands in the region, there are many nooks and crannies that provide deserted waves.


There are several option for travelers heading to Bocas Del Toro. Many guests fly into the international airport in Panama City, Panama (PTY) and then transfer to the domestic airport thirty minutes away. Air Panama ( has several daily flights that go into Bocas del Toro International Airport (BOC). The ride is a quick forty minutes. Once you have arrived, the concierge from Sweet Bocas will handle your transport to the villa.
The other option is to fly into the Costa Rica’s San Jose International Airport (SJO) and take a Nature Air flight ( directly into Bocas del Toro International Airport. Nature Air flies from SJO and several other locations in Costa Rica to Bocas Del Toro.
Bocas del Toro International Airport has a single runway with no taxiway. The runway measures 1,500 m × 26 m (4,921 ft × 85 ft). The airport can only accommodate smaller aircraft and the runway is limited to aircraft under 26,500 LB (12,000 kg). A small terminal exists at the east end of the runway. International arrivals must clear Panamanian customs at the airport.


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