Back in the town of Peniche, we had grown tired of waiting for winds to switch. Me and some friends started talking about clean waves from the south of Portugal…sounds more like a dream when you can see one more storm building up on the west coast. For more than a week we had slown down and we were feeling trapped with no chance to surf our longboards. 

Our friend Josh told us about the warmer weather and fun waves he was enjoying down south.

So we checked the forecast for the weather and the swell. And we made a great decision with packing our boards and heading down south to the Algarve.

We arrived later the same night. 

We got once more welcomed with open armes at our friend´s lovely place Casa Meranka in Vila do Bispo which is located between Lagos and Sagres. Lucky us they had one of their cottages available for us.

The first morning we awoke to sunshine and a warm breeze, in the middle of winter, it was clear that we left the bad weather behind.

Josh told us about a spot and also Tobias and Carlo said they knew the spot so we met there at 7am. There were a tiny, clean waves breaking. It was small but runners so we decided to jump in.Was a very good call! 

Check here some photos of our short weekend in the Algarve.

Aloha and MAHALO!

Words by Felippe Dal Piero
Photography by
Melanie Bonella
Felippe Dal Piero  & Tobias Isanker