The Amazon – The heart of Brazil

Getting to know the Amazon Rainforest has always been on my bucketlist.
Already for some years living outside of Brazil, I collected stamps from the most exotic and coveted destinations in the world in my passport. But I just understood the importance of the Amazon Rainforest living outside of Brazil.
In this country of continental proportions, where natural wealth spreads from north to south, the possibilities of exploring expands and at the same time becomes more varied according to the environment.
Through a proposal to introduce Brazil to a very special Family we started planning and organizing an experience called Mahalo Eco Trip. Based on its vast network of international and local development and conservation experts Mahalo Surf Experience has sought to bring an exotic destination that has a lot to teach us.
We travel to learn and enrich our understanding of the world around us.
Imagine yourself in the midst of the Amazon rainforest: navigating the rivers, going through trails in the middle of the little explored jungle, tasting regional foods, learning about the forest and its inhabitants, visiting and get to know a new culture with habits completely different from yours and,  for this very reason, with so much to learn.
This is a priceless experience!
The idea of the expedition to the Amazon was to present a little bit of Brazil that even just a few of the Brazilians know – we went beyond the distances – we wanted a true experience! We wanted to see the virgin forest with abundance and to feel all the energy that the Amazon Rainforest has to offer to us. It was a great opportunity to visit a very special part of my country we call AMAZÔNIA.
Recognized by National Geographic Traveler as one of the 25 best ecological lodges in the world, the Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located inside the Cristalino River Biological Reserve, north of Mato Grosso in the southern Amazon almost bordering Pará. It is an intact sanctuary, which also is part of the Brazilian Luxury Travel Association, totally preserved in the Amazon basin. A real paradise. In this reserve, which is six times larger than the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, there is the Cristalino Lodge, which receives in an exceptional way the nature lovers, offering unforgettable experiences in the open air.
We are delighted to be able to observe birds of all species but my favorite will always be the “Araras”. Always flying in pairs overflying and bordering the banks of the Cristalino River. The couple of Arara-canindé fly free and with an indescribable beauty along with many birds, that inhabit that region. Being able to see all these birds in from the veranda of your room is an incredible experience!
The boat rides are a fundamental part of this trip. Many trails are only accessible by boat, and on the way to the trails you can observe much of the various species of Brazilian fauna and flora, that is, those that represent the beautiful biodiversity of Brazil. They can be found in this region on the banks of the rivers. The sense of peace and accomplishment takes hold, the awareness that the Amazon must be protected is immediate.
Much more than just a walk, this is a true learning about the types of plants that make up the history of the Amazon: exotic flowers, medicinal plants and diverse tree species.
Cristalino Lodge came from a dream of conservation in the Amazon, reconciling tourism with social environmental responsibility. Inserted in a reserve with 11,399 hectares of forest, an area larger than the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago. The hotel offers a series of attractions directly linked to the local fauna and flora, providing guests with unique experiences.
More than a luxury hotel, the Cristalino Lodge is a hotel concerned about teaching. It is inevitable to leave without knowing more about the environment and with a much sharper awareness of preservation. This is a place where all the details were thought by the owner Vitoria, a pioneer in ecotourism and her son Alexandre, a place that was planned for a minimal environmental impact, while supporting local communities and education projects. In the south of the Amazon, in an area recognized as one of the most important in biodiversity terms in the world.
Every day we carry out a wide range of outdoor activities include: canoeing, hiking on trails, visit to the observation tower, wildlife viewing and boating. All activities that put you in touch with the environment will soon feel part of the ecosystem.
 The philosophy of hosting Cristalino Lodge begins with the choice of a modern architecture that uses spaces in harmony with nature, promoting an experience of comfort, sophistication and well-being. The experience becomes special in every detail, in the pleasant candlelit dinner, in the service of the bar with fire, in all the activities in the forest, in each well-kept garden.
I felt that there is a special touch capable of sharpening the senses for the simple and beautiful things of life, which are manifested here in all their splendor, like the endless forest, the faint noise of the river, the starry sky, the silence of the night, the Amazon rain, the scents of the forest. A wellness that is also enjoyed in the comfort of the bungalows. The accommodation guarantees a restful night’s sleep and uses sustainable practices such as a natural ventilation system, solar water heating and treatment of biological waste.
The hotel’s infrastructure consists of this common outdoor seating area with chairs and fire pit, bar, restaurant serving Brazilian regional cuisine, cozy reading room, conference room for lectures and presentations, and a floating deck on the Cristalino River with loungers and networks with a special view during the starry nights. There are two observation towers with 50 meters that allow you to observe the forest from above, these are among the coolest things the hotel offers its guests.
The experience of being in such a region is unforgettable by the unique beauty! A place that all Brazilians have the “obligation” to know!
Eco Turimo programs serve for bring us closer to this rich area, but also make us wake up to the ecological problems that these areas are suffering and the practices for biodiversity preservation and sustainable development are fundamental.

For those who are interested in visiting AMAZONIA is very easy to contact Mahalo Surf Experience. Our experts can provide all the details to make your trip unforgettable.

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América do Sul, Brasil, Mato Grosso | Alta Floresta

Photos by: Melanie Bonella