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The Best Places Around Europe to Hangfive

Logging in Baleal – Peniche


A small peninsula in the north west of Portugal is any Longboarders safe heaven.
Looking for longboard-friendly waves in Europe? Known as the ‘Silver Coast,’ the small fishing town of Peniche, more precisely Baleal, is the Europe´s hotspot for anyone with ridiculously oversized board baggage. With a unique peninsula configuration the coast serves up countless options for longboarders – you won’t be disappointed. Stick to spring and summer months for smaller swells.
Surfing these waves for quite a few years now, Head Coach Felippe Dal Piero recon, “Baleal has some excellent longboard waves and is home to a new strong community of longboarders to learn from and be inspired by”.
Early in the morning grabbing the wet wetsuit and we head to the bakery to have an espresso and pastel de nata….Now we are set for surfing… A short ride and we are on the beach to check which spot works best. It’s a very popular longboarding spot with small, fun and long waves – natural-footer’s paradise with right-handers galore and some fun lefts on offer too. These waves are pretty rippable too and serve up long mellow rides.

Logging in the North of Spain


Galicia is a powerful landscape in northwestern Spain – the last unspoilt part of Europe- the last unspoilt part of Europe.
Resting on the far away north west corner of Spain, in an area between Portugal, Lugo and the North coast, the region of Galicia is an often forgotten gem of Western Europe, especially when it comes to surf.
It might be a rugged stretch of coastline, but Galicia in Spain is a must visit for those riding the log. With the gigantic North Atlantic Ocean serving up sandy Galicia beaches a range of waves, it’s arguably the best spot in the region a longboarder will find perfect peelers. Small coves and sheltered beaches are in abundance.
Landscape Galicia Spain
To the North:
The North of Galicia holds the majority of its “known” spots, especially around the town of Ferrol where you’re bound to run into locals checking the surf from the car park in the morning. In order not to get too far off the main route you can head to La Coruna and explore the area from there, before heading up to Ferrol.
The fine scenic beach of Pantin – one of our absolute favorite waves in Europe or our own little secret.
Galicia is definitely not a classic “board shorts and sunshine” surf destination. Still, between green hills and deserted beaches you’ll find not only a wide variety of quality waves but also inspiring nature and welcoming people, which together make for a memorable surf trip.

Longboarding is a true art of dancing with the ocean.

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Stay heathy and keep your heart open.

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Words by Felippe Dal Piero
Photography by
Melanie Bonella

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Photos by: Melanie Bonella | Mahalo Surf Experience