Surf & Yoga Retreat – Santa Teresa

The most beautiful Surf & Yoga Retreat in the world

Come and live with us! We share some waves and spend time together with you ala Pura Vida style. /// Are you surfing or developing your surfing to new stylish heights, discover yoga in our fabulous Surf and Yoga retreat in Santa Teresa in Costa Rica.


Have you ever imagined having the experience of traveling with Felippe and Melanie?

This year we held our Surf Gliding Experience in Santa Teresa focused on intermediate level surfers, longboarders and retro style lovers. We will live together in a modern house with the wonderful view of Santa Teresa beach right in front of us.

It is the chance to improve your surfing through real experiences with Felippe who have surfed all over the world, surfing different types of boards but having a strong love for longboard. 

Felippe will be your mentor on this journey and he will share knowledge and techniques that have been acquired throughout his life with over 15 years of Surf guide / Coach experience.

This is your chance to improve your surfing performance by soaking surf culture. Let’s try boards like twins, single fin, pursue the evolution and individual style of each according to their approach to surfing.

Surfing provides direct contact with nature, connecting us with our true essence. It leads us to a calmer and healthier life, and drives us to live a different lifestyle. 

Every day is unique in Santa Teresa – we usually wake up before sunrise, walk to the first surf session of the day, then enjoy the most delicious brunch in Latin America, sometimes go to yoga, sometimes meditation – In the afternoon during sunset, it’s time for the next surf session. Before we go to the fantastic restaurants of Santa Teresa,

During the Surf Retreat we will spend time together with our “Feel Good Manager” Melanie who will be teaching and sharing healthy habits and inspirations, Meditation Yoga and aromatherapy are the daily activities adopted in our surf retreats.

The trip will also feature an artistic photographic record of the surfing universe. Then our moments in and out of water will be poetically eternalized through the lens of our photographer.

Dates and prices:

The Mahalo Surf Experience Pura Vida – Surf in Santa Teresa includes 7 days of Mar-Mar accommodations, the most delicious brunch in Latin America, two surf lessons conducted by experience surf coach per day, film and photo feedback sessions and a wide variety of surfboards.

Groups are made up of a maximum of 4 people in this way we all organize and conduct personalized experiences. If you wish to maximize your glory and stay for two weeks, please contact us by sending an email to

DATES:  March 03rd – 14th & March 14th -21st, 2020

From EUR 2.659,-

Here are some pictures of our surf experience in Santa Teresa.

Aloha e MAHALO!

Words by Felippe Dal Piero
Photography by Melanie Bonella

Yoga & Surf Retreat Participant