If you are looking for the ultimate in privacy, luxury, and personalized service, Sweet Bocas is the place. Set on its own private island in an area that is rich in waves and natural beauty, the eco-friendly luxury retreat Sweet Bocas is truly a one-of-a-kind place to be.

Sweet sweet Panama

Located on the Caribbean side of the Pacific in a region filled with small islands, clear water coves and coral reefs, the Bocas Del Toro region is a true gem. This aquatic playground offers surf exploration, nature and adventure in a pristine tropical setting. We are truly excited to partner with the villa Sweet Bocas to offer our clients an extraordinary tropical retreat.
Sweet Bocas del toro Private Island
Be in the moment

Positive vibes only

In Sweet Bocas the experience of luxury does not end with just being there, “It takes on a new meaning, luxury is being able to be private, to take time to think, to be present and take a chance to be human” Annick shares with us. This is a kind of heaven on earth, one which you will never be able to explain the vibes that rise from walking through the wooden bridge, or the ones you get with the warm light that steps up at sunset –ones that invites you in a home, that take you to a zen state where everything is possible.

Experience nature

Sweet Bocas is a rare find that strikes a perfect balance between luxury and social impact. Built on four pillars – education, environment, entertainment and intellectual exchange – Sweet Bocas is a place where families and friends can come together to experience nature, learn about the planet and its ecosystems, engage in all sorts of activities, provide and offer their time and skills to local communities or simply be in the moment while enjoying the ultimate luxury experience in absolute privacy. It is a destination for a truly modern traveler.
Permaculture to live in harmony with the ecosystem
At night

Be here now

This is a place where time stops, where you are able to merge with all the elements of nature, such as the water, wind and ground in its most pure state. When in the house, from everysingle direction you can enjoy the ocean’simmensity, there is no better way to get in sync with the universe.

Majestic views

The majestic two-story 7-bedroom full service villa is constructed entirely out of Panamanian teak and built on top of more than 100 cement stilts in a tranquil sea setting. All rooms are en-suite and have incredible water views. The villa furnishings are stylish, hand crafted and a blend of modern and indigenous design. The owner, designer and builder, Annick Belanger, who has a long relationship with the hospitality industry, wanted to create an environment that was private, yielded rich experiences and truly embraced the local surroundings and people. This property was created with a deliberate social and environmental consciousness that is threaded throughout the design and daily operations of the villa.
Where the sea meets the horizon
A place with a new approach to life

Beyond luxury

Sweet Bocas is an expansive estate on a private island with a villa that includes all the amenities and comforts one could dream of.  From consciously curated furnishings, to a state of the art self sustaining farm and greenhouse, all offerings throughout the Sweet Bocas experience are meant to give back in a larger, more meaningful fashion: servicing people, initiatives, and organizations that are making the world a better place.

Surfing mode

Surfing guests can access the numerous waves in the area by private boat. This area is rich with islands and coves that create waves as well as numerous beaches with great sand bars. There is a good range of waves for new surfers who are just gaining skills. For the seasoned surfer looking for a solid barrel, the Bocas region offers several world class waves.
Bocas del Toro has the potential to blow your mind in every way, leaving you exhausted, sunburned, and with a hazy memory of magical surf sessions and good times.
Bocas del Toro Surfing Panama by James Vybiral